Five things that make the best corporate event

Organising a memorable corporate function that has the office buzzing come Monday morning can be a pretty stressful thing – particularly if you’re not used to planning events. There’s a lot to think about and organise, and you’ll want to make sure that you take everything into account – from dates and locations to food, drink and entertainment.

If it’s all foreign territory for you, though, the best solution is to hand it over to a company that’s familiar with throwing a truly memorable corporate event in South Africa. This will help ensure that the day is unique and achieves the outcomes you want it to. Still, there are some basic things you can put in place beforehand that will help make it the best corporate event.

Knowing what you want to achieve

Before deciding what to do for your corporate event, it’s crucial to have a clear idea of what you want it to achieve. For example, is it a way to reward employees for a year of hard work, a day of fun for winning a contract, or do you want to rally and unite the team before a busy period? Whatever the reason, knowing what you want to achieve from your event will help you decide what exactly you want to do on the day, and it’ll also help the organiser help you accomplish this.

Working to a plan

With an overall goal in mind, you can divide this into smaller objectives. What are the event goals, are there any messages you want to communicate on the day, how many people will be attending, will it have a theme, and how much money is available to spend?

With these in mind, you’ll be able to narrow down the best way to spend the day with your colleagues.

Delegating responsibilities

At this stage, you can start delegating tasks. Just because you’ve been shouldered with the overall responsibility of planning the event, it doesn’t mean you must handle everything alone. Request assistance from your colleagues to organise various aspects of the event like choosing dates, sending invitations, and collating RSVPs.

Focusing on the fun

It can be tempting to go for a staid and formal event to please the higher-ups at your organisation. But one of your core goals should be to give your team a day of fun. This doesn’t mean it has to be a silly or outlandish event, unless that’s what you understand your team to want. But it can mean including a fascinating cultural tour, wine or beer tasting, paintball, kayaking, or an activity for all skill levels that’ll get everyone participating and laughing.

Leaving it to the pros!

Ultimately, organising a truly memorable event is tough – so you’re better off leaving it to the professionals. Companies like Kiff Kombi Tours have done it all before when it comes to curating and implementing a truly memorable corporate event – and we’re on hand to work with you to do it all over again. Whether you’re looking for something a little serious and meaningful, or something that allows everyone to blow off a bit of steam, our team will take care of all the complexities that’ll have your company’s employees looking forward to the next one.