Best New Cape Town Restaurants

It hasn’t been an easy few years for Cape Town restaurants, yet somehow the food scene here continues to grow. Although several old favourites have recently been forced to close, others have popped up in their place – and many of these are equally impressive in their own rights. 

If you’re visiting the city to sample its food, which you most certainly should be, then book a spot on our food tour that offers an authentic taste of Cape Town to get the lowdown on the best spots in the city and winelands. 

And when you’re done with that, don’t forget to check out one or more of these hot new restaurants on the Cape Town foodie scene.

cape town restaurants

Tortuga Loca

One of the newest Mexican restaurants in Cape Town has recently opened in Muizenberg – and Tortuga Loca’s good enough to justify the drive out there if you’re not staying nearby. The decor and vibe are on point, as is the authentic Mexican food – but if you go for one reason, make it the margaritas.

best cape town restaurants

Blondie Restaurant

This restaurant and bar on bustling Kloof Street seemed to attract a crowd of loyal patrons almost overnight. It’s not hard to see why with quirky stunts, good music, and the perfect styling. Most head to Blondie for evening drinks, but the food is almost as good as the vibe if you’re hungry.

best cape town restaurants

Royal Oyster Bar

If you’re here for the seafood, and a fan of oysters, add this new addition to Cape Town’s Bree Street to your itinerary. Royal Oyster Bar serve the freshest oysters in a super cool space once occupied by one of Cape Town’s top restaurants. And if you’re not particularly fond of oysters, then just as well with other items on their surprisingly diverse menu.

How Bao Now

If you’re a fan of young, dynamic chefs in quirky environments, you can’t go wrong with How Bao Now. Set in the famous Old Biscuit Mill and run by two chefs in their 20s means, this new restaurant is the epitome of cool – and you can expect a range of bao at reasonable prices

Johnny Shawarma

If you find yourself in Sea Point and all you want is a no-nonsense lunch, you’re pretty spoiled for choice. Institutions Jarryds and Kleinskies may get most of the crowds, but new arrival Johnny Shawarma is giving them a good run for their money. Grab a simple shawarma and head down to the nearby promenade for a great Sea Point combo.


If you’ve heard of Cape Town restaurants, you’ve heard of La Colombe – and the latest chef behind this local foodie institution has recently found another home at the V&A Waterfront. Just a heads up – Pier Restaurant is quite fancy, so it’s not likely to be a cheap meal. Still, you’re coming here for exquisite food with intriguing theatrics – in the heart of the city’s most visited tourist attraction. It’s a culinary treat worthy of the price.

One Park 


One Park may just be the trendiest new arrival on the Cape Town restaurant scene. There’s nothing about this restaurant, bar, and vinyl shop that doesn’t make you want to stick around for more. The music is good, the food is inventive and flavourful, and the vibe is exactly what you’d expect from Cape Town’s Park Road.



Egghead is a diner-style restaurant that’s not spared any expense or attention to detail in its egg-themed decor. Fortunately, the food – which is unsurprisingly mostly egg-centric – is pretty good too. Egghead is more brunch Mecca than late-night haunt, but they open late on weekends for those needing their fix of yolk after dark.