How to plan the best bachelors

Bachelor parties are great – provided you’re not the one saddled with organising them. Anyone who’s had to throw a bachelor party for a mate will tell you that it’s often a pretty big stress matching multiple preferences for the ultimate celebration – particularly if going it entirely alone and without the help of professionals who’ve done it all before. It’s also the only wedding-related event where the groom is the true focus, so it’s important not to get too lost in your own ultimate party at the expense of the guy you’re throwing it for.

Although you may be tempted to go it alone, there are few events better handing off to the professionals than a bachelor party. Kiff Kombi Tours will not only handle all of the complicated logistics, but we will also ensure that everyone has the best bachelor party imaginable with options like a morning of paintball, clay pigeon shooting, or our legendary craft beer tour.

Paintball always makes for a great bachelor party activity. Photo by Giorgio Grani on Unsplash

Get help from your mates

If you’re the best man, don’t sit with the stress of organising the whole event on your own. Reach out to other groomsmen or close friends for help. There’s strength in numbers when deciding on and organising an event like a bachelor party.

Find a suitable date

Don’t plan your mate’s bachelor party for the wedding weekend. And don’t do it so far in advance that it has no association with the day. Finding the sweet spot to throw the bachelors is about consulting with the powers that be (the bride and groom), allowing enough time to plan and warn guests, and then recover before the big day.

Ask the bachelor if he wants a say

Some bachelors want it all to be a surprise. Others might have strong feelings about what they want to do. Ask the bachelor for his stance on the matter – if he wants to be involved, ask for broad ideas of what would make him happy, and fill in some surprises along the way. Key questions to ask are if he wants it to be a half-day, all-day or weekend affair, whether he wants it to be local so he can head home at the end of the day, or out of town with accommodation arranged. With this general idea, you can then chat with your other mates to figure out an ideal combination of activities.

Clay pigeon shooting is a sure-fire hit. Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash

Figure out a guest list

Don’t go inviting anyone you want to the bachelor party. Ask the groom for a list of wedding attendees and who he’d like at his bachelor party. It’ll also make your life easier if the groom can supply you with email addresses and phone numbers. Stick to this list – and if you have any deviations best you check with the groom first to avoid any awkward encounters on the day of the party.

Pick your party

With the early logistics out the way, it’s time to start looking at the fun stuff. What kind of activity or party do you want to throw? There’s no shortage of possibilities – you could go for a tranquil early morning kayak, a more adrenaline-fuelled paintball or clay pigeon shooting mission, a bar-hopping trip to sample the city’s best craft beers, or all of the above. If you’re stumped for inspiration, reach out to a company that knows how to throw the best parties!

Book accommodation and events

Once you’ve locked the date, time, and type of event, it’s time to book, so you avoid disappointment. It may help at this stage to request payment from guests to help offset any costs for deposits.

Hand it over to the professionals

At this stage, you might be dreading the concept of throwing the best bachelors. With so many logistics to consider, you might feel overwhelmed and end up not actually enjoying the day of celebration with your best mates. Hand over all the logistics to a company that knows what events work, will transport you between them, and ensure that energy levels stay high throughout.

After all, it’s not (usually) more than once that you’ll get to throw this ultimate event for one of your closest friends!

A craft beer tour is a great way to celebrate with your best mates.