Reward your employees with a mid-year employee appreciation day

Let’s face it – the last two years have been incredibly tough on all of us. And while we’ve had high hopes for 2022 to be a little easier, most businesses and their employees have worked incredibly hard to right the ship. Couple this with remote working and all the disconnection that comes with that, and it’s pretty safe to say – you all deserve a bit of a break! 

While a team trip to Mauritius might be just what the morale doctor ordered, it’s likely also a bit out of reach. But fortunately, a local mid-year employee appreciation is decidedly more within reach – and just as likely to give you all the boost you need to see the rest of the year through.

An employee appreciation day doesn’t need to break the bank and set new definitions for the word epic. It simply needs to be a well-run, fun day out that gets everyone together in a relaxed environment to let off steam, laugh a bit, and forget about the deadlines looking back in the office.

And fortunately, in Cape Town, there is no shortage of candidates that will do just that. And while you could go it alone, organising a day like this in-house is a stress, which defeats the whole purpose. By leaving it in the hands of professionals who’ll manage everything from transport to activities, offer a standard package or a bespoke event, and can handle anything from 10 to 60 people to guarantee you a fantastic day out.

Here are several ideas that may resonate with you and your employees if you’re looking for the ultimate mid-year appreciation day:

Take a craft beer safari in Cape Town or Stellies

This is a fun day out for the whole crew, even if your employees aren’t (yet) into the craft beer scene. We’ll load everyone up and be your daily designated driver as we visit four craft breweries in Cape Town or Stellenbosch. You’ll all get to taste a few options on offer and take a few of your favourites home for later. We round off the day with a great braai, where if you like, you and your team can reflect on the year that’s been and the months ahead.

Mix it up with wine, beer, and biltong

If your employees are a mixed bunch who appreciate a good glass of wine as much as a cold beer, then a wine, beer, and biltong tour is just what the HR department ordered. This morale-boosting trip includes two craft brewery tastings, a wine and biltong pairing, and a typical South African lunch.

Tap into the best of Cape Town’s gin scene

Cape Town’s gin scene is booming, and if you’re looking for something a little different to beer and wine, this is a must-do. Even non-gin drinkers will revel in the incredible locations. But for new and established gin drinkers, our Gin Joe is the ultimate mid-year pick-me-up. We’ll visit four beautiful sites for tastings, throw in a few party snacks, and end the day at the city’s iconic secret gin bar.

Craft beer and clay pigeon shooting, paintball, or bubble soccer

Nothing will help your team blow off steam better than a day of clay pigeon shooting, paintball, or bubble soccer. Followed, of course, by good food and a local craft beer or two. Regardless of skill levels, these are activities proven to unite a team, and the added excitement and skill required in each sport make for a fun, competitive edge. These separate tours will also include visits to three craft breweries and culminate in a braai.

Take a more tranquil ocean kayak

If your team is fond of the outdoors but more fans of tranquillity, treat them to a mid-year break on the open water. Pair them up with a colleague and allow everyone to paddle out onto the Atlantic, where there’s every chance you’ll spot some marine life wallowing just beyond the breakers. We’ll unite around craft beers and a good old South African braai when the paddling is over.

We know – organising a corporate event can be a stress. But they’re also a hugely important way to show your employees that you care. So rather than take on the hassle yourself, or avoid throwing one altogether, rather get in contact with us. We’ll handle all the logistics for your ultimate mid-year employee appreciation day.