5 Big Mistakes to Avoid when Planning your Next Girls Weekend

If you’re looking to get out of town for a few nights with your favourite female friends, you’ll likely want to do some planning rather than just heading away without any real objectives. 

A girls’ weekend away is a great way to escape the city, reconnect with old friends, or welcome new friends into your circle – but unless you’re a dab hand at organising these excursions, they may end in a stressful disaster. 

The best girls’ weekends away require no planning on your part aside from figuring out an appropriate date. By leaving the rest in the hands of professionals for a weekend, like our Wine, Dine, and Zipline excursion, you can focus on the one thing you’re supposed to – having the best time ever.

If you’re still in the planning stages, here are five big mistakes to avoid when planning your next weekend away with the girls:

Not having a budget

The first step in planning a weekend away is knowing how much cash you’re all willing to spend. No fabulous weekend out of town will be free – but with a bit of planning and chatting among yourselves, you can set a basic budget that covers what you have in mind. Without a budget, things can get out of control fast – and some members of your group may begrudge the trip for costing more than they can afford.

Picking the wrong accommodation or activities

A springy mattress or poorly organised activities can cause any girls’ weekend to go awry, and many people forget to factor this in during the planning stages. Don’t leave your girls’ weekend away choices to the last minute – chat to the group and pick a hotel or guesthouse that suits your needs and desires. Plan out a few activities that the group can participate in: a day at the spa or one spent wine tasting or flitting along a thrilling zip-line course, for example.

Not focusing on the group’s needs

An overbearing organiser can ruin the entire trip for everyone. Not focusing on the group’s needs during the planning stages of a weekend away can do more harm than good. Chat to the group before you make any commitments to tour companies or accommodation providers to ensure everyone’s on board with your vision.

Making it unfair

Weekends away can quickly turn bitter when one person claims the master bedroom or neglects to include herself in the financial contributions. A girls’ weekend away should be entirely transparent and fair from start to finish – and the best way to achieve this is by deferring to the experts who have done it all before and can ensure that everyone has an equally enjoyable time with the same outcomes.

Sticking to the same old routines

You may have your old favourites for weekends away, but sticking to these will quickly get tiring. If you’re planning a girls’ weekend, skip the boring old routines and opt for something fresh and exciting. A combination of activities outside of your comfort zones, and those you’re more familiar with, is the perfect way to return home refreshed, reunited, and ready to plan the next out of town excursion with your besties!