Designer Label Trips

These tours are perfect for special occasions, honeymoons, important birthday parties or whenever you feel like spoiling yourself and others with a bespoke, high-end tour that still keeps all of the characteristics of a classic Kiff Kombi Tour.

Cape Town epitomises the word ‘fusion’ – this enigmatic city brings together the best of so many worlds, cultures and people, and we know the Mother City like the back of our hands. Unlike most cities across the globe, you can choose how you experience Cape Town, and our new Designer Label Trips are the perfect way to inject a touch of luxury into your kiff experience. Don’t worry, just because we’re getting a little fancier, doesn’t mean we’ll lose our kiff vibe.


Cape Town Sights & Bites

From R1750pp

Cape Town is seen as a melting pot for a reason – people from all walks of life, from all over the world live in one multi-cultural city with acceptance and the sharing of awesome experiences bringing everyone together.

Our Cape Town Sights & Bites tour takes guests around the greater Mother City area for a true and authentic taste of one of the most popular cities in the world.


Splendour in the Winelands

From R1650pp

Ah, the winelands – open spaces, flowering vines, historic estates and enough vino to sink an actual ship. Touring one of the most stunning areas of the Cape is a must for any visitor to Cape Town’s shores and our Splendour in the Winelands tour will take you on a five-stop trip straight to wine heaven.


Wine, Beer & Gin Extravaganza

From R1750pp

If you love a good gin and tonic, an ice cold one with the crew or a glass of vino after a long day’s work, our Wine, Beer & Gin Extravaganza is the Kiff experience for you. This tour is entirely located in Stellenbosch/Paarl region, and will give you the chance to taste some seriously delicious, locally-crafted drinks.


Penguins, Peninsula & Pinotage

From R1950pp

The city of Cape Town is big and filled with life but it’s not the whole story. The southern peninsula is simply spectacular with views of the various mountains lining the shores, the beaches and oceans themselves and the bountiful amounts of flora and fauna.

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