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Kiff Kombi Tours was started by a South African born Australian. He moved to Australia with his family at a young age, but always held a deep connection with the ‘motherland’ and always dreamt of returning to live permanently. Coming back to visit family and friends many years later, he fell in love all over again and swore that he’d be back. 

Upon arrival in 2016, Drew travelled extensively around his new city. It became clear that Cape Town was the best city in the world but it was missing something.  Before settling in he embarked on an African adventure and thanks to many long bus journeys in the Namib Desert with a lot of time to ponder, the Kiff Kombi Tours idea was born. Kiff Kombi Tours officially launched in January 2017. Within two years, Kiff Kombi Tours has already been named one of the best tours to do in Cape Town and was nominated as Finalists for Best Sustainable Tour Operators at the Global Youth Travel Awards held in Edinburgh in 2018.

“It’s usually South Africans moving to Australia, however I decided to buck the trend and have made the move to the Rainbow Nation. People often ask why Cape Town? I always respond with, well… have a look at this place.”

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